There are Six Stages to the Converge Process, we are currently in Stage Two.

  • Stage One: Organization
  • Stage Two: Information
  • Stage Three: Collection
  • Stage Four: Selection
  • Stage Five: Candidating
  • Stage Six: Arrival

Dates Scheduled:


January 15th

  • Search Team & Elders meet with Converge Coach

January 23, 30 & February 6th: Your first input in the process

  • We will have scheduled Slots for the Congregation to take the Church Effectiveness Survey after both services. More information as we get closer to these dates.
  • February 26th
    • Meet with Converge Coach to cover the Church Effectiveness Survey.

Ravenna Family and Friends,


The elders and search team encourage you to pray with us as you feel led by the Holy Spirit in the following areas as we go forward with our pastoral search process:

  • Our body here at Ravenna Baptist Church
  • Our future Lead Pastor and family
  • That we would be open to God’s goodness for us in His choice for our next Lead Pastor
  • Keeping momentum and spiritual growth
  • Unity of hearts


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