Why do we support Missions? Ravenna Baptist Church is excited about introducing people to Jesus and serving others, and missions are one way in which we accomplish this purpose! We support a number of people and families who are passionate about sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people around the world and who desire to serve others and meet real needs in their lives. In addition to those we support in full-time missions, we also send a number from within our own body to serve in short-term capacities. See the list below for more details. 



Our Missionaries


The Gomez Family – Spanish American Mission

Spanish American Mission (SAM) is dedicated to the belief that the best way to reach and win native Mexicans to Christ is through the training and sending forth of Mexican people. SAM was founded in 1961 as a way to enable funding for the founder of the work in Mexico, Tony Gomez Sr., to grow his ministry of reaching native Mexicans for Christ. His son, Tony Gomez Jr., now carries on the work, and, like his father, is driven to win others to Jesus Christ.   



David’s House Ministries

“Extending Christ’s Love to Individuals with Developmental Disabilities” We ask you to pray for us that the fundamental principals and beliefs on which the ministry was founded will never change. We believe that a loving God creates each person and for reasons that we do not fully understand, some of these are born with special needs. It then becomes our responsibility as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ to make every effort to meet their unique needs in a way that honors Him and brings comfort, encouragement, and security to the ones place in our care.   For more information about David’s House Ministries, visit their website here



The Wright Family – Faith Baptist Mission

Tim and Richelle Wright are involved with production, distribution and broadcasting of audio-visual evangelistic and discipleship tools for Quebec and other parts of the French-speaking world.



The Olsen Family – Lifeline Ministries

Lifeline Ministries Inc. (Rockford, MI) has developed over 40 years. Our purpose through Camps, Clubs, Retreats, and Events is to help guys and girls that, at times, struggle with people and life issues they deal with day to day. We’re here to care for them and possibly lend a helping hand to hopefully keep them from returning to an institution or getting back into trouble in their community or school. For more information, contact Byron and Peggy Olsen by email.



The Sterkens – ABWE

The Sterkens serve churches in the Caribbean and Latin America.  They train, connect, mobilize and provide resources for churches.  The Sterkens home is in Shelby, Michigan, and they have 3 grown children.  Their home church is Shelby Road Baptist Church.  You can contact the Sterkens at:   msterken@gmail.com



Walt & Sara Walkowski – Extreme Response International

Extreme Response International (ER) is a humanitarian aid organization committed to changing the lives of people living in extreme, often life-threatening situations. ER operates programs and projects that share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people—particularly at-risk children and women—through both words and actions. For more information you can contact Walt & Sara at: wwalkowski@extremeresponse.org



The Sanfords – Papua New Guinea

The Sanford family are missionaries through Ethnos360. They have been called to reach the lost overseas in Papua New Guinea. The Sanfords will be training overseas before going into the field where they will be learning the language of the tribe, living along side of them, gaining their trust and teaching them the word of God.

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